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Happy 2021!

As 2021 begins along with Phrase 3, it’s time to considering have a photobooth at your event / celebration. Some of the Covid-19 guidelines we’ve implemented are frequent sanitizing of the photobooth props, having our camera and staff setup at least 2.5m away from the backdrop and no sharing of props. Facemask can be taken off only for phototaking and do maintain social distancing when queuing up and during phototaking.

And also, do ensure the venue allows the usage of photobooth in the first place.

Novel Coronavirus

In view of the outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-CoV) in Wuhan, China, the usage of wearable photobooth props close to the face such as masks will not be available until further notice. All our photobooth props will continue to be sanitized before and after each event.

Merry Christmas!

Socialbooth SG wishes everyone a Merry Christmas fill with laughter and joy!

Our Photobooth still reigns

After setting up and running so many events with other carnival style vendors , we realized that our photobooth still manages to draw the most if not all the crowd to our booth. It could be our great photobooth experience with large HD live-view display and insanely fast photo printing that guests will keep coming back for more. Even the host and the event planner at tonight’s D&D event complimented that our photobooth is still the best value for money. We call it Best Value for Experience.

Happy 54th Singapore

Wishing Singapore and everyone a Happy 54th!

Socialbooth SG

Proud to be Local!

Greenscreen Photobooth with Multiple Backgrounds

Yes! We do greenscreen photobooth too and due to multiple requests, guests can have up to 4 different backgrounds to choose from!

We’re totally affordable, just not the cheapest

We at Socialbooth took pride in being the most affordable photobooths  in Singapore for the quality we offer. Just not the cheapest because we strive to make every event a success from having tonnes of backup equipment to dressing up properly for the venue.

Our indicative usual price starts at $600, so do use the contact us form to drop us a message on our latest promotional rate!

Photobooth with space constraints

For places with limited floor areas such as restaurants, cafes or even a roadshow booth, we have a smaller booth setup using a 10″ tablet instead of our larger 22″ touchscreen. Rest assured we’ll still be using the same DSLR camera and dye sub printer. Kindly indicate that you’re interested to go with our tablet booth setup if you have a floor area of less than 2m x 2m square.

Onwards to 2019

Wishing all our clients, partners and friends a healthy and prosperous Year 2019 ahead!

Great and small poets

In an article by W.H Davenport who wrote “Great poets imitate and improve, whereas small ones steal and spoil”

How true this is for the Photobooth industry in Singapore. Hope our photobooth friends can raise the photobooth industry to a higher level and not spoil the market.

We’ve seen some really amazing photobooths both locally and overseas and witnessed some atrocious setups that scream of cheapness.