Social Booth Photobooth Cookbook Basics

How to make a great Photobooth experience

The Great Photobooth Experience

The Great Photobooth Experience

Recipe and Procedure

Makes 1 great serving of photobooth prinout


  •  1 set of Social Booth Photobooth
  • Your mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, son, daughter, the in-laws,  friends, best friends, BFF, enemies, cousins, nephew, aunties, uncles, neighbours, bosses, colleagues, IT support guy, Ah Huat, Ali, Gopal, that chiobu, pet dog, pet goldfish, kopitiam uncle, groomsmen, pretty reception ladies, wedding couple, photographer, dashing emcee, boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, friendzoned friend, friend with benefits, friend without any benefits,  army buddies, primary sch friend, secondary sch friend, poly friend, uni friend, nursery friend, everyone
  • Your award* winning smile
*many types of award

Step 1

Some of our Wedding Props

Some of our Wedding Props

Grab anyone nearby and take a prop, or if you can ALL the props and strike a pose in front of our live-view monitor. Remember your award* winning smile!

Step 2

Posing with our large live-view screen

Posing with our large HD Live-View Screen

Our fabulous large 22" Live-View Monitor

Our fabulous large 22″ HD Live-View Screen

Once the photo is taken, admire how gorgeous your look in the review screen. Take another shot immediately if you blinked or feel you can do much better.

Step 3

Unlimited Printouts!

Unlimited Printouts!

That’s it! High-five everybody, collect your instant printout and repeat Step 1 until Shiok.


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