Happy 2021!

As 2021 begins along with Phrase 3, it’s time to considering have a photobooth at your event / celebration. Some of the Covid-19 guidelines we’ve implemented are frequent sanitizing of the photobooth props, having our camera and staff setup at least 2.5m away from the backdrop and no sharing of props. Facemask can be taken off only for phototaking and do maintain social distancing when queuing up and during phototaking.

And also, do ensure the venue allows the usage of photobooth in the first place.

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Happy 54th Singapore

Wishing Singapore and everyone a Happy 54th!

Socialbooth SG

Proud to be Local!

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We’re totally affordable, just not the cheapest

We at Socialbooth took pride in being the most affordable photobooths  in Singapore for the quality we offer. Just not the cheapest because we strive to make every event a success from having tonnes of backup equipment to dressing up properly for the venue.

Our indicative usual price starts at $600, so do use the contact us form to drop us a message on our latest promotional rate!

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World Cup Final 2018

Socialbooth will be setting up a photobooth at Pek Kio Community Centre this Sun 15th July 2018 from 10pm onwards for #jioyou2watch screening of World Cup Final 2018 between France and Croatia. Event and Photobooth is free for public so bring your family and kakis along and join us there!

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