Happy 54th Singapore

Wishing Singapore and everyone a Happy 54th!

Socialbooth SG

Proud to be Local!

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We’re totally affordable, just not the cheapest

We at Socialbooth took pride in being the most affordable photobooths  in Singapore for the quality we offer. Just not the cheapest because we strive to make every event a success from having tonnes of backup equipment to dressing up properly for the venue.

Our indicative usual price starts at $600, so do use the contact us form to drop us a message on our latest promotional rate!

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Photobooth with space constraints

For places with limited floor areas such as restaurants, cafes or even a roadshow booth, we have a smaller booth setup using a 10″ tablet instead of our larger 22″ touchscreen. Rest assured we’ll still be using the same DSLR camera and dye sub printer. Kindly indicate that you’re interested to go with our tablet booth setup if you have a floor area of less than 2m x 2m square.

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Great and small poets

In an article by W.H Davenport who wrote “Great poets imitate and improve, whereas small ones steal and spoil”

How true this is for the Photobooth industry in Singapore. Hope our photobooth friends can raise the photobooth industry to a higher level and not spoil the market.

We’ve seen some really amazing photobooths both locally and overseas and witnessed some atrocious setups that scream of cheapness.

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Flash lighting for babies and pets

For a baby’s birthday celebration, it’s generally quite safe to use our studio flash lighting setup as we don’t use direct flash. Instead we use a flash umbrella to diffuse and spread the light around.

However, if you prefer not to use any flash as not to startle the baby or pets we can provide a continuous full LED lighting setup option without using any studio flash. This will require more floor area as we’ll need to place more LED lights around for a well-lit photo.


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World Cup Final 2018

Socialbooth will be setting up a photobooth at Pek Kio Community Centre this Sun 15th July 2018 from 10pm onwards for #jioyou2watch screening of World Cup Final 2018 between France and Croatia. Event and Photobooth is free for public so bring your family and kakis along and join us there!

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NDP 2018

Congratulations! You have successfully balloted for 2 tickets for NDP. Kindly proceed to the National Gallery Singapore on 6 to 8 Jul or 13 to 15 Jul, between 10am and 7pm, with your NRIC for collection of tickets. Details on ticket collection can be found online at

Hence instead of our usual 3 photobooth slots, there’ll only be 1 photobooth slot for National Day 2018  as the Boss and his Wife would like to watch the new President in action.


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4R or Photostrips Prints

Some vendors will offer guests to choose between 4R prints or photostrips prints during the event/wedding. Yes, we used to offer it but have discontinued it for the following reasons

  • We have to take the extra time to explain the differences between the 2 printout sizes.
  • After explaining, guests will take more time to discuss among themselves which printout size to take.
  • Usually no consensus is reached and 2 photobooth sessions for the 2 different sizes will be taken.

This can really stretch each group of guests to a good 5 – 6 minutes (or even longer if anyone blinks and need to retake), a long queue that doesn’t seemed to move and just a few groups of guests with a good photobooth experience before the service timing is up. From a vendor’s point of view, this is saves a lot of print media and money as there’s so much time wasted during the phototaking sessions.

For us at Social Booth, we prefer to keep the queue, crowd and momentum going as we want everyone attending to get a print of the experience home.

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A world of difference

Was surfing some random photobooth websites and facebook pages and realized that with all the props and backdrops in the world, if the photo’s exposure and colour are wrong, faces are blurred as the camera is focused on the backdrop instead, it makes a world of difference to a simple perfect photo without any props on a plain backdrop.

Having the right photobooth isn’t just all about props and backdrops, basic photography and lighting fundamentals must be there as well.

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